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The Kitchen is where the magic always happens when it comes to food. From the cooking or food preparations to the dishwashing, this part of the house becomes really essential. An adage says that “The best way to the man’s heart is through his stomach”, and the best way to achieve this for women is through a good functionality in the kitchen. Men would also cook and most ladies are pampered when they do. But doing this will require kitchen amenities, appliances and such. You need to have these in place along with the sink and things you need. It’s hard to move in an unorganized kitchen. Everything must really have its own place and that’s the goal to reach in planning for a kitchen design. Aside from convenience, the organization of stuff matters. Kitchen Designs most likely give appeal to kitchen lovers not to mention interior designers. With an organized kitchen, it’s easy to feely move and cook your heart out. In today’s post, we showcase 15 Enticing Kitchen Designs you may crave for. There are different choices for different angles and space requirements as you also have to consider such before finally deciding what type of kitchen to get. Feel free to read through. backsplash lighting The kitchen will have to be spacious depending on the furnitures and appliances the owner would like to keep. glass table The photo shows a modern kitchen scene rendered using 3Ds max and Vray. black cabinets The ambiance of the kitchen will have to be considered also. Some would prefer a well-ventilated area for food preparation. all white island Above photo shows another angle of the kitchen design. brick backsplash When the space is limited especially for pads or condominiums, a dining table for two becomes an addition. green textured cabinet This is a kitchen scene taken from Evermotion Archinteriors. Design has been rendered using Maya 2011 with Mental ray. kitchen storage lighting Kitchen colors may become an issue. In the photo shown above, the wall cabinets’ doors are made of glass and looks elegant too. The cabinets below the sink are simply white. red cabinet doors This kitchen design that is created by Elisey Stolyar looks nice too with wood as cabinet doors painted red. wood texture design This kitchen design shows the furnitures in place that could be good for desired kitchen. wood texture cabinets The photo shows the way to kitchen’s back door which can be an option too especially for country-themed kitchens. beautiful door The use of ebony wood in this kitchen design shows designer Christianna Aggeli’s nice taste for color matching. beige design There’s nothing much to worry when there’s too limited space if one wants to have a kitchen. One can still move around and just make sure that kitchen stuff are placed in an organized manner. Appliances are limited in this type of kitchen design. elegant vintage design The lights that Nickolai Yegorov chose bring out the best in this kitchen design even when you have just chosen an intimate white touch on it. indoor wall plants An eco-sustainable kitchen where large materials like wooden sleepers, organic touches like a garden and the maximization of natural light combined with the highest technology that De Dietrich provides has been used in this kitchen design. This came from the creative mind of Nicolas Robertson. eco-sustainable kitchen The photo shows an upclose angle of the kitchen design. chrome silver An example of Jodie Miller’s kitchen design where the tone has been nicely considered. red dining island The kitchen design has been inspired by Blacksmithstudios. It was the client who provided the cabinet layout where the designer worked on its design including the colors and the lighting. orange A kitchen looks as appealing as this especially when the area is maintained clean. white brick walls A wide angle view of a newly finished kitchen. storage lightings Here goes an example of a spacious kitchen with enough lighting since the sliding door is made of glass. cabinet lights The photo shows another angle of the kitchen design. There are just so many Kitchen Designs you’ll come across with but it’s still best to consider the many factors that could affect the ideal style you have been craving for. It could take time, money and effort to finally finish the conceptualization but it’s worth it. After all, a kitchen is the key to a healthy living. Have you come across a kitchen design lately?
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